Repair of the roof - is one of the main directions of our activity . Unfortunately, there is no eternal roof, any roof eventually require repair. What would the time between repairs roof was maximum , leave roof repair professionals.

Our company has extensive experience in the repair of industrial and private roofs. Our craftsmen are well aware of technology of repair roofs of various kinds (repair soft roof , flat roof repair , roof repair asphalt , etc.)

Repair of the roof : roof repair options .

Current repair soft roof
Current repair soft roof includes: detection and autopsy bubbles soft roof , roof drying burner replacement dissected layers of roofing , installation of a soft roof .

Full repair of soft roof
List of works in the repair of flat roofs :
• Dismantling of old roofing
Even during overhaul of the roof is not necessary to dismantle all of the old roofing material. If the old roofing material tight to the roof and does not interfere with repair of the roof , then it is not necessary to dismantle .
• Installation of a new tie .
After the dismantling of the old coating is necessary to check the quality of the concrete screed or other load-carrying structure . If necessary, we do repair the old support structure or change the old elements of the roof .
• Primer .
To improve the properties of roofing and waterproofing for better coupling of roofing material and the roof on the old coating is applied to the screed or a type of primer (or bituminous mixture ) .
• Waterproofing of the roof.

The main stage is a waterproofing roofing repair . For each type of roof waterproofing its type . For bituminous roofing material itself and is waterproofing. Waterproofing is applied in one or two layers.
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