Normal or as it is called , stucco facade is most commonly used for the treatment of facades and interior walls of buildings . Depending on the quality and destination has three varieties:
- Simple ;
- Improved ;
- High quality .

Kind of plain plaster is applied for the treatment of basements , storage and other ancillary facilities . Composition - spraying on one layer , and then a layer of soil. Superior view of the material commonly used for work in the utility , industrial and commercial premises. Composition - the first layer of spraying , the second - the soil , and in the end - a skim coat .

High-quality plaster is designed to handle public and residential buildings . Composition - one preparatory layer spraying , then several layers of primer and finally nakryvochnyh several layers.

Special plaster facade has a narrow specificity and is used in cases where it is necessary to increase the quality characteristics of the building or premises to ensure internal protection from adverse external influences . Furthermore, it performs perfectly the function of isolating the sources of harmful indoors.

This species has several subspecies :
- Terrazitovye material (composition : cement, quartz sand , hydrated lime and a variety of fillings );
- Acoustic (composition : A solution of aluminum powder and water which releases the gas resulting from forming the porous structure );
- "Stone " (composition: natural stone chippings and some binders );
- Structural (this granular mass , composed of pebbles , pieces of quartz , wood fibers and other elements ) .

Regular and special mortar refers to a variety of wet plaster , so has important advantages such as: flexibility , the ability to make the entire surface of the monolithic , and no seams and the possibility of giving the surface a desired shape .
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