Device with residential roof mansard floors recently gaining popularity . In fact , increase the usable area for the rational use of roof space - is the main goal and just the desire of any homeowner. But still at the planning stage , in addition to many other issues to be resolved concerning the task of lighting the future premises of the attic .

Given the total uptake of the customer, designer, architect , roofers and others concerned with this problem of people , you can find a lot of options on how to ensure the availability of natural light in the attic room . All of them in varying degrees, have a right to exist , but some of them are expensive and roofing work on them very time consuming , some corny not fit into the overall design of the building , and some times, and at all unrealistic . Only installation of roof windows offers the most rational solution and simultaneously eliminates any changes to the roof structure.

Compared with peers facade , roof windows capable of passing about 40% more natural light , which is evenly distributed throughout the room . This requires only one condition to withstand - light area of the opening must be at least 10 % of the area of the illuminated space . Design dormers suggests the possibility of installing them on almost all types of roofing : slate, metal tile , ceramic , asphalt , composite shingles and others.

Improper installation of roof windows is the cause of most of the subsequent problems , especially leaks and drafts of freezing ( frost penetration ) . In principle , the installation of roof windows can perform each , able to "hold a hammer and nails ", but not having enough practice , you can prevent a lot of errors that will pull a very unpleasant consequences . Therefore , in case of doubt in their abilities , installation of roof windows are best left to the specialists of Expert Contractors, which has been repeatedly performed roofing work and have a great experience .


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