Repair of the roof : Repair of roll roofing .
Roof membranes in the summer heated strongly . This leads to the formation of blisters . This is because, in the pores increases the pressure of water vapor when heated roof cladding . And the result is peeling the roof membrane and as a result , roll, roof needs repair. Size of the bubbles can reach a height of 20-30 cm after the detection of cracks and tears rolled roofing need to be clear and cover the prepared paste. Cut a strip of felt (the width of not less than 20 cm) and seal the fracture of the roof. Where the material rotted away , you need to cut this part of the roof. The removal must be thoroughly cleaned and properly lubricated compound. Cut a piece of felt and to seal the joint. Then this site again and lubricates the mastic to seal another layer of roll roofing material , but now overlap , ie , the edges should be 15 cm to play for the injury . In places blistering roofing material needed to make a cross- cut and pull the fabric on all four sides . The base fabric thoroughly cleaned, dried and lubricated with mastic. After that, the roofing material is straightened and glued and glued on top of a patch of tar board .
Repair of the roof : Expert Contractor

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