Holding riser - a vertical pipe connecting sewer risers with the atmosphere. Used for ventilation and drainage system prevents the formation of vacuum tubes with large single discharges .
As seen in this figure, the central riser fit horizontal ( story ) outlets, which are connected to other plumbing items such as bath, sinks, toilets , showers , dishwashers and washing machines , and they all have hydraulic locks .
Stench or siphon - designed to prevent falling off odors ( air ) from the sewer lines.
According to building regulations in force for the low-rise building design and construction of sewer systems without sewage pipes allowed. The fact that the mounting is used mainly sewage pipe 110 , and the toilet flushing tank has a diameter of 70mm drainage bath communicates with the main sewer line , usually 50-70 mm pipes , plumbing and other sanitary devices connected to the same 50 mm pipes and it does not allow in the riser with a diameter of 110 mm formed of the piston , respectively, drainage and vacuum. If the house 2 is a toilet or more baths, it will be possible to put in line the end of the vacuum valve . But we still advise you to a sewer pipe , which provides constant ventilation your sewer system. If you do not get to enjoy one of the plumbing fixtures within 5-7 days , depending on the season , the water in the trap is dry, and all the smells of sewage will get into your house . And even if your system is equipped with a septic tank sewer availability sewer pipe that will allow fresh air into the septic tank , which will lead to better fights degradable waste.
When designing a sewer pipe , consider the following rules :
Pipe diameter is not less than the diameter of the main riser ;
If one sewer pipe joining several risers , its diameter must be greater than 50 mm. risers ;
Output above the roof at least 50cm . horizontally and not less than 4 meters from the open windows and balconies ;
Place sewer pipe downwind wind rose ;
Holding the pipe will run inside the house ( in the heat ) , it creates a more efficient ventilation ;
From the foregoing it is clear that the sewer pipe is an important component in the sewer system. And if in your closets and bathrooms odors are present , check the condition of the sewer pipe .
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Plastic Pipe boot 

Plastic pipe boots don't last very long usually between 7-10 years they need to be replaced. During replacement of pipe boots old shingles brake or crack thats why we always carry new shingles during pipe boot replacement. New shingles will never mach perfectly because of fadeins.

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