Drainage system of the building is made of different materials, which have their individual advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the willingness and capacity of each material homeowner . Before you begin , you must decide what material you need to make gutters for roofs. Mainly used :

 • Galvanized steel is a traditional and inexpensive means , but it is considered a lack of susceptibility to corrosion with the  expiration of a certain time and so little service life;
 • sheets of galvanized steel coated with a polymer coating on them have a long life and attractive appearance , especially  if the color is the same as the roof. The disadvantage of this material is the higher cost and complexity of installation of  drains , as it is important not to damage the coating;
 • plastic system is relatively cheap , the installation does not require much effort and durable. But you should note that  there is no stagnant water in the cold, as it will break the pipes;
 • copper gutters are resistant to corrosion , elegant look , but susceptible to deformation and high in price.

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