Installing gutters with their hands, as a rule, is carried out during the construction of the roof before laying . One of the most difficult stages of mounting brackets for this installation of gutters . Basically , they attach to the fascia board or roof truss system. The distance between them depends on the material used gutters.
Plastic brackets mounted approximately half a meter , and the metal structures of 0.7 to 1.5 meters. Necessarily need to install additional bracing in the corners and on the funnel chute . Roof must be cut by about half of the funnel , in this case, the water in heavy rain will not overflow .
When installing the drainage system is very important to set the correct angle of the gutters. Please fix the bracket first and then the last bit lower in height , and between them to pull the rope. Along this line, you need to install the remaining mounting . Then you need to install gutter hooks brackets. Fasteners make using special plates.
Installation of plastic guttering is made with special rubber seals or by cold welding.
When using rubber gaskets not only get a good seal , but a kind of shock absorbers that work when you resize the design temperature change . However, this method has one drawback - eventually become less pliable gasket and lose their original properties .
If you apply when attaching special sealants or adhesives, the connection will be strong and reliable. But this method does not provide compensation for resizing the structure.
The next step is to install a weir , ie fixing spillway funnels . If the design of plastic , then install it on the spot you want to cut the hole. On the inner side of the discharge funnels have to apply a sealant or adhesive strip at a distance from the edge of one centimeter . On the prepared hole and glue is applied and the details you need to directly connect so that the funnel was under the gutter .
Another important point in the work - installation of drain pipes .
At the junction of the pipe mounting need to install necessary to create sufficient rigidity of the assembly . Distance from the discharge pipe to the ground surface shall be not less than thirty centimeters.
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