Having clarified what material to choose for the drainage system, it is necessary to calculate . The complete system consists of the following elements :
 • gutters with couplings and brackets ;
 • funnel to receive water ;
 • rotary elements gutters ;
 • gutters with fixtures and couplings.
The main parameter in the calculation is the roof area , which affects the diameter of the grooves and the number of craters. Basically, their number matches the number of corners of the roof, but the area is large , and if the angles a little , then there should be more funnels . Specialist qualitatively and quickly make the necessary calculations , but if necessary , the entire system can be calculated independently with the advice .
 • If the house is small , for example, giving or bath, which have a roof area not exceeding 70 square meters , the diameter  of the gutters should be from 70 to 115 mm, and the pipes from 50 to 75 mm.
 • For a house with a roof area of ​​100 square meters downspouts should be in diameter from 75 to 100 mm. Cross-section  of the trough should be between 115 to 130 mm.
 • If the roof area is more than 100 square meters , the gutters put diameter from 140 to 200 mm. Section of the pipe can  be from 90 to 160 mm.
When buying items gutter , gutters need to count the number depending on the length of the slope. Plastic gutters are usually sold length of three or four meters. This should be considered in order to avoid overspending materials.
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