Drainage system of the building is made of different materials, which have their individual advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the willingness and capacity of each material homeowner . Before you begin , you must decide what material you need to make gutters for roofs. Mainly used :

 • Galvanized steel is a traditional and inexpensive means , but it is considered a lack of susceptibility to corrosion with the  expiration of a certain time and so little service life;
 • sheets of galvanized steel coated with a polymer coating on them have a long life and attractive appearance , especially  if the color is the same as the roof. The disadvantage of this material is the higher cost and complexity of installation of  drains , as it is important not to damage the coating;
 • plastic system is relatively cheap , the installation does not require much effort and durable. But you should note that  there is no stagnant water in the cold, as it will break the pipes;
 • copper gutters are resistant to corrosion , elegant look , but susceptible to deformation and high in price.

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Installing gutters with their hands, as a rule, is carried out during the construction of the roof before laying . One of the most difficult stages of mounting brackets for this installation of gutters . Basically , they attach to the fascia board or roof truss system. The distance between them depends on the material used gutters.
Plastic brackets mounted approximately half a meter , and the metal structures of 0.7 to 1.5 meters. Necessarily need to install additional bracing in the corners and on the funnel chute . Roof must be cut by about half of the funnel , in this case, the water in heavy rain will not overflow .
When installing the drainage system is very important to set the correct angle of the gutters. Please fix the bracket first and then the last bit lower in height , and between them to pull the rope. Along this line, you need to install the remaining mounting . Then you need to install gutter hooks brackets. Fasteners make using special plates.
Installation of plastic guttering is made with special rubber seals or by cold welding.
When using rubber gaskets not only get a good seal , but a kind of shock absorbers that work when you resize the design temperature change . However, this method has one drawback - eventually become less pliable gasket and lose their original properties .
If you apply when attaching special sealants or adhesives, the connection will be strong and reliable. But this method does not provide compensation for resizing the structure.
The next step is to install a weir , ie fixing spillway funnels . If the design of plastic , then install it on the spot you want to cut the hole. On the inner side of the discharge funnels have to apply a sealant or adhesive strip at a distance from the edge of one centimeter . On the prepared hole and glue is applied and the details you need to directly connect so that the funnel was under the gutter .
Another important point in the work - installation of drain pipes .
At the junction of the pipe mounting need to install necessary to create sufficient rigidity of the assembly . Distance from the discharge pipe to the ground surface shall be not less than thirty centimeters.
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Having clarified what material to choose for the drainage system, it is necessary to calculate . The complete system consists of the following elements :
 • gutters with couplings and brackets ;
 • funnel to receive water ;
 • rotary elements gutters ;
 • gutters with fixtures and couplings.
The main parameter in the calculation is the roof area , which affects the diameter of the grooves and the number of craters. Basically, their number matches the number of corners of the roof, but the area is large , and if the angles a little , then there should be more funnels . Specialist qualitatively and quickly make the necessary calculations , but if necessary , the entire system can be calculated independently with the advice .
 • If the house is small , for example, giving or bath, which have a roof area not exceeding 70 square meters , the diameter  of the gutters should be from 70 to 115 mm, and the pipes from 50 to 75 mm.
 • For a house with a roof area of ​​100 square meters downspouts should be in diameter from 75 to 100 mm. Cross-section  of the trough should be between 115 to 130 mm.
 • If the roof area is more than 100 square meters , the gutters put diameter from 140 to 200 mm. Section of the pipe can  be from 90 to 160 mm.
When buying items gutter , gutters need to count the number depending on the length of the slope. Plastic gutters are usually sold length of three or four meters. This should be considered in order to avoid overspending materials.
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How to keep your gutters clean

To keep your gutters clean you must pay attention how your roof drains water, Do you have leafs on your roof. When it rains put your hand on the down spout and if your gutter draining properly you will have free water flow, if your gutter is clogged up then you shooed sea the water overflowing from your gutter. If you are not able to clean your gutters then let the professionals clean them for you its not very expensive but very effective. 

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