Detached house ( mansion) is usually equipped with a chimney made ​​of bricks, it happens because of ignorance or unwillingness to complicate builders construction, resulting in a brick chimney in a short time destroyed by exposure to condensation. Meanwhile, just to avoid this - laying in the construction phase in the trunk of a brick chimney cement pipes . With such a construction is not absorbed into the condensate channel walls and brickwork plays the role of thermal insulation and reduces the allocation of condensate , providing long life flue .
Repair work in such cases provide gilzovku metal pipes .
Zagilzovka or inserting tubes into the existing channel - one of the methods to solve the problem and repair chimneys ventellyatsionnyh channels. The reasons for which it is necessary to do zagilzovku chimney : bad or defective masonry brick , oversized channel ; heat unit runs on gas , reduction of resistance drawn .
Zagilzovka flue pipes made ​​of quality materials on a particular technology . During zagilzovki chimney is very important to make a proper connection fireplace , furnace or boiler to the chimney and correctly implement the withdrawal pipe used for zagilzovki chimney in center pole overlooking the roof of the building . Only in compliance with all regulations when carrying out works on zagilzovke chimney will reliably smooth functioning fireplaces, furnaces, boilers . Otherwise, you may end walls icing in the winter, condensation on the well head leaking pipe on the front of the house , on the walls inside the building through which the chimney , and as a consequence , the destruction of brickwork End, flaking plaster, wallpaper, paint .
There are other ways to repair a brick chimney , but they are quite expensive and are therefore not considered , although according to the customer our company Expert Contractors ready to consider other options .


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