Produce qualified chimney installation . Install chimneys, stainless , stainless steel.
Chimney installation process requires certain skills and despite the relative ease of installation urge you not to trust the usual installation chimney builders or perform the installation yourself. Often , repair after improper installation costs many times more expensive and the cost of the chimney to install it.
It is mandatory to provide a guarantee on the works produced .
reading of the chimney

We perform the inspection and cleaning of chimneys. For existing fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, etc. buleryanov This procedure should be performed at least twice per season. As is well known , not only the chimney flue gas from the premises , but pulls air . In a room with a fireplace, where the chimney is not maintained always felt a heavy smell of soot. This smell is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance. Soot heavily derived from the lungs and leads to a lot of trouble .

Also contaminated with soot chimney impairs traction, overheat the chimney , which entails a reduction in the life of the chimney. Numerous cases of fire and soot.
Regarding buleryanov , wood stoves and solid fuel boilers situation here with chimney cleaning is more acute . Cleanliness chimney stands watch particularly carefully. Sometimes comes to what finally clogged chimney and cold weather just does not work. Until this can not bring security reasons. At this time, ceased to function , and at other times destroyed chimney fire or worse . So do not loiter with it and call the company Expert Contractors , our specialists are waiting for a call from you , our phone 864) 520-1091 .


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