In the matter of the choice of roofing materials every developer comes primarily from the financial possibilities . It is important to know not only the price , but how much will serve one or the other roofing material and how much it will cost installation . And here it is necessary to talk about the price - performance ratio .

Metal , replacing slate , looks much more attractive. But it is likely the next in a series of deception " and cheap and cheerful" . Yes , it has many advantages : low weight, a peculiar form , bright colors and relatively low price . But I wonder why there are no houses , covered with a metal tile , either in Italy or in Germany or in Austria ? Worth thinking about .

Of course, if something is bought , it means that someone needs . But we must understand that the reliability of the roof covered with metal tile , by and large not provided sheets of roofing and waterproofing , ie underlay film, which in turn can be cheap and therefore short-lived , or solid and high quality , but at a price comparable with the roof of metal . And its cost must be added to the cost of roofing material .

The roof of metal is not very reliable . Leaks can occur in it because even wrong swirling screw . In addition, a few years later under the rubber gasket screws, made ​​often in makeshift conditions , under the influence of the sun may just collapse and then rainwater will go straight into the attic of the house , as technology mounting screws screwed into the lower part of the wave , which she and go streams of water in the rain.

There is another problem. If the roof is hipped , or more complex shape , then cutting out a fairly large percentage of metal. Besides, if ordered all rely on the manufacturer's final assembly technology component parts and sealing elements of the foam , the price of such a roof is already comparable to more reliable metal standing seam roof , widely used in Europe.

In a number of roofing materials are economy class and so-called soft roof of asphalt shingles advantages of this roof - low cost and relatively simple technology and styling . But soft roof unlike metal device requires an underlying cause of the OSB or waterproof plywood 16-20 mm preformed sparse crate of boards . Reliability for longer before laying the shingles lay a solid carpet of roll waterproofing materials. But in this case, the price is already markedly increased.

In the Russian market spread , both in quality shingles , and for its price - is pretty big. And it is successfully used by unscrupulous traders . There are , of course, some manufacturers produce really high quality with a lifetime of up to several my ninth . But the trouble is that you can easily slip the most mediocre products, which after a few years will look like , and that it is impossible to watch without tears . On the south side of the roof , it usually skukozhivaetsya , and on the north pretty soon covered with moss .

In fairness, it must be said that shingles is elite class , that is, the durability is comparable to standing seam roof of galvanized steel with polymer coating . But respectively, and its price is not less.

Metal roof for the Russian climate , of course, are most preferred , but their installation shall lead only professional tinsmiths learn the latest roofing technologies and using the most advanced profiling and bending machines , as well as the entire arsenal of special tools , are still largely produced by European firms.

Most are available now from the roof rolled galvanized steel with polymer coating , which when properly used can serve up to 50 years or more. Their dignity - light weight, high reliability and integrity and the ability to make the roof of almost any complexity , and using additional sealing seams minimum roof pitch can be up to 3-5 °.

By roofs elite class may also include roof of ceramic tiles, natural slate and metal roof of non-ferrous metals : copper, aluminum and tsinktitana .

Ceramic roofing and roofing slate durable and original look , but the design should take into account that they need to build a more powerful truss structure , as in the winter weight of such roofs, taking into account the wet snow and ice accumulating on them will be quite large .

Alternatively, you can perform a roof with a steep slope (up to 60 °), so that the snow did not stay on the roof . But then you have to consider that will increase the area of the roof , and this - additional purchase shingles , lumber and additional fees for installation of extra square meters.

Roofs made ​​of nonferrous metals are among the most expensive , but the most reliable and . Use of non-ferrous metals allows to implement any of your intentions architect or client and make beautiful quality roof of any complexity.

The design of structures under the roof of the non-ferrous metals should be considered that substrate must be solid and quality - from edging boards 25 mm thick , of the OSB or waterproof plywood . Also should definitely consider spending on waterproof film . Also drain condensate moisture it will still serve as a separating layer between the aluminum and the boards , which are the current regulations should be impregnated with preservatives which may contain copper salts . And copper is known to aluminum " not friendly ."

Features mounting piece of metal roofing materials. In the manufacture of roofing materials undisputed leadership piece owned by Austrian company Prefecture . She has developed and patented automatic production line of the whole line of small-piece roofing materials that have already been written, tile sheets , shingles and lozenges , as well as special -angled small diamonds and tiles in the form of scales.

All of these roofing materials assembled using hidden fasteners , and when constructing the roof of them must always be on solid crate previously laid and fastened waterproofing. Just piece roofing materials made ​​from copper and tsinktitana , especially widely used in constructing the roof attic floors .

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