Roofing additions . Without which you can not do
Roofing is a complicated structure , which has important elements , which at first glance may not seem visible and unnecessary .

Inexperienced and unprofessional installers believe that it is only a roof roofing . What is the biggest misconception .
Roof additions are a must each correctly completed roof. That they provide durability, reliability and operational efficiency of the entire system .

Roofing dovolneniya allow for proper thermal , hydro-and vapor barrier , protect the roof from leaking, are provided for ventilation and protection from snow and dust from accumulating moisture. The functional accessories , the roof is exposed to the environment ( rain , snow, hail , strong winds, the sun's rays , etc.). The main purpose of which - is the protection of the house.

Therefore, at the design stage , the qualitative choice of roofing material and accessories play a key role . Valley , binding , strips abutting skates end outputs for antennas , insulation , waterproofing membrane , vapor barrier film , and more perform certain functions . Underestimate their importance can not be . Ignoring underroof ventilation can cause that in the " roofing cake " will accumulate moisture which privodet to moisture accumulation and premature failure of the entire system .

Neither roof is not without additional elements. In turn, each has its own roof equipment.
Conditionally roofing complete set can be divided into these types : fixing , output , flushing , flashings , safety and decorative elements .

Usually components for roofs made ​​of the same element as the coating itself .
Fitting roof additions from the company Expert Contractors - it is a necessary investment in the construction of your dream home . Call our company Expert Contractors and we are pleased to execute the order .

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